Hanger - Blush Pink w/ Rose Gold (Set of 8)

Hanger - Blush Pink w/ Rose Gold (Set of 8)


Delicate and sweet, this incredible warm pink dresses up your wardrobe in the most feminine way. Rose Gold hooks, bars and clips take this hanger to the next level of luxury and sophistication. A favorite of princesses everywhere.

Blush Pink with Rose Gold bar + clips

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Hangers Saffron w/ Bronze

For years Aly Daly has custom made beautiful wood hangers for each of her clients in specific hues and finishes to perfectly compliment their wardrobes and the millwork from which they are created. "A pop of color whether vibrant or subtle, changes the entire feeling of the wardrobe and can dramatically change the mood of my clients each day as they dress. There is more attention to detail, love and care for their clothing when they are hung and presented with this extra care. Your clothes only look as good on you as they do on their hanger. "

I hope you enjoy taking your closet, wardrobe or dressing room to the next level of luxury and fun with these beautiful wood hangers in your favorite hue.